Character Creation

Player characters will begin with starting Manna equal to 10 and base essence equal to 3.

Player characters are allowed 4 points to spend in magic skills, and they may not possess more than 3 ranks in any one.

Player characters will begin play between the ages of 16 and 19.

Players are to construct a background in which they have been apprenticed in the magical arts to a one Carlyle Baines, a scruffy-looking man in his mid-forties. Include in your background one memory from the period of your apprenticeship that in some way shaped your character’s view of Carlyle, himself, the world, or the people in it. Your background must also include a reason why your character either can’t or won’t go back to his or her home. It is highly suggested that you consult your fellow players when making your backgrounds in order to make interesting connections and relationships (does the first of you to be picked up resent the newer members for stealing Carlyle’s attention away? Is the newest one of you teased constantly by the elder two and treated much like a younger sibling?).

Your characters have traveled the countryside with Carlyle for years until settling down in a wood and earthen hut outside of a small town not long after the acquisition of the third apprentice. Your characters were rarely allowed to see the town, but in the last year your characters have been nearly once every 10 days or so. In town, Carlyle spends the whole time in the local tavern drinking and talking to a rakish man just a few years younger than himself. As players, you are free to determine any notoriety or renown (if any) your character may have in town in your background.

Character Creation

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